Michael Curtis

14 Years Experience

  1. Certified Instructor
  2. Choreographer
  3. Adjudicator
  4. Event Organizer

Michael Curtis is a ballroom dance instructor serving the Columbus area. He coaches amateurs, collegiate competitors, social dancers and those preparing for a wedding dance.

In 2006, he founded the Ohio Ballroom Teacher College, which specializes in preparing ballroom instructors in the areas of certification preparation and sales training. It is the only vocational ballroom program in the Midwest. He is also the organizer of the Midwest Ballroom Dance Camp, an exciting 3-day event which brings the nation's top dancers to Ohio.

As a competitor, Michael has competed professionally in International Ballroom and Latin. He still enjoys competing Pro/Am with his students. Michael coaches several amateur couples and enjoys choreographing competitive routines. He is currently the Ballroom Coach for the Ohio State University DanceSport team in the International-Style division.

Ballroom dance has become his life and passion and he looks for more and more ways to contribute to the joy of those that share the same passion!

Services Provided

  1. Private Lessons aimed towards any occasion (social, wedding, competition...)
  2. Group Classes
  3. Professional Certification training

Ballroom Dance Descriptions